Rick Schiller | Clayton Morris® – Real Estate
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Clayton Morris® – Real Estate

Brand Design, Marketing, Photography, Webdesign
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About This Project

After a three-year development phase, I´m very pleased to present the CI/CD of my friend Clayton Morris-Real Estate. It was a great challenge to place him on the real estate market here in Victoria on Vancouver Island between all the other competitors with a powerful brand design. Well, after three years, we see success. I´m very proud to have contributed my part and continue it to grow with it, futurewise.
Thank you Clayton for all the good cooperation.



While we worked with Rick on „Clayton Morris Real Estate“, my associates and I were very pleased to see how direct and well planned Rick’s processes were. His business manner, knowledge and professionalism gave us the confidence to proceed with the assuredness that we were in reputable and capable hands.
Clayton Morris
Owner of Clayton Morris Realestate