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27 Mrz Siegfried Bronnmann – minimalistisches Messerschleifen

Siegfried Bronnman ist ein Messerschleifer seiner Art, wie man ihn kaum noch in Deutschland findet. 75 Jahre und nicht müde werdend sich weiter den Ansprüchen des Marktes zu stellen. Und gerade durch sein einzigartiges und leidenschaftlich minimalistisches Messerschleifen, schafft er es, an hochwertigen Messern und Scheren nur das absolute Minimum an Schleifgrad abzufordern, um somit eine sehr lange Schärfe-Garantie zu...

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13 Aug Clayton Morris® – Real Estate

After a three-year development phase, I´m very pleased to present the CI/CD of my friend Clayton Morris-Real Estate. It was a great challenge to place him on the real estate market here in Victoria on Vancouver Island between all the other competitors with a powerful brand design. Well, after three years, we see success. I´m very proud to have contributed my part...

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08 Mai Darya + Linda fashion blogging

Munich is always a trip worth. The modernity and tradition meets here ogether in a genius way. Working and taking pictures here with all these beautiful scenery and great models is always a great pleasure for me. So also was it by my last job in Munich. I worked with the blogger "Linda" in one of their projects. Thank you...

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03 Sep Roundart – CI/CD

The best jobs are always this one which comes at the most unexpected. ROUNDART – An aspiring artist who I met this days and with my skills I could help her to develop a corporate identity templates. Thank you for this job! "ROUNDART – Website"...

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02 Sep Interior Designer Portrait

Good things always comes quite spontaneously! So also recently a request for a business shoot for an Interior Designer “Irene Hamburg – Hamburg HID Interior Design“. Best thanks to all contributors and also to SUMMIT – Cabinets & Design Studios for providing us the kitchen studio. And even thanks for the opportunity to redesign the logo....

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