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25 Jul Family Shoot

Spontaneity is one part of me, like photography. So it happened that I in my last product shooting in Vancouver,  I took a family which was around and used my built light setting, to make quickly a few snapshots of them. Therefore best thanks to the family Musterer pattern! ...

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04 Jun IFA F9 Limousine

It was for me an extraordinary pleasure to photograph such a nice old car. Cars of the modern to draw attention isn´t so easy. So it was especially important to keep me straight in the IFA F9, the nostalgia of the former GDR and implement it in the image. Therewith I´m grateful to the owner to his available position of his vintage car, without which I couldn´t transpose this shoot. IFA F9 - Trailer More pictures you´ll find under the gallery here! IFA F9 Gallery ...

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05 Mai Greenland

If you see as a man such images/impressions, one realizes how small and insignificant we are. And yet we are capable of powerful things was to influence us without to be really aware of what we do here. For me it was the first time that I could catch so intensively experience such a landscape. Also because I had my tele lens with me. It came over to me an essential question? How could I survive down there? ...

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13 Apr Ray Ban Glasses

Also to implement the concepts of advertising for brand products is one of my services. If you are interested in this business, please have a look on my main side "Rick Schiller" for all individual conditions and realizations. ...

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29 Mrz DPD – Depot Executive Conference

Last Friday I had the pleasure of working with my colleague, "Philippe Ramaker - Intuitive Photography" the DPD - Depot Executive Conference 2011 in Dresden/Radebeul to be allowed to accompany photographs. A highlight of this event was the lecture of "Andreas Niedrig", who inspired me personally. Many thanks to the management for this contract.   ...

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