Rick Schiller | Bands Shooting
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Bands Shooting

18 Mrz Zoe – Le type de cosmétique

It makes me always very happy to work in the studio in Vancouver/CA(vancouverphotoworkshops) and with Wayne A. Höcherl together. Therefore in this time I´m glad to got again with the help of Sari Mercer from lexington models and make up artist Robyn Ross/paintedpinkproductions, some beautiful pictures, which I used for  the ad´s of "Zoé - Cosmetic". To all involved, thank you very much. ...

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02 Okt Band: Preston & Fletcher

Another pleasure to work in Vancouver/CANADA, is the comparative simplicity of the people there. No matter what kind styles they are there by humans, but some how they are relext all right. That was also by my last shooting with the band "Preston & Fletcher." Simplicity and freely available for any idea to implement the best shooting. Thank you both! ...

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20 Aug Model – Studio work

From my past work in the photo studio Vancouver, I created among other things, these three advertisements. A very special thank´s I dedicate this post to the Model and self photographer Melanie Jane, Wayne A. Höcherl and the photo studio "Vancouver Photo Workshops"! Comment of the studios / teachers. ...

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