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23 Apr New Assistant

Life gives us from time to time positive surprises, for all of us. So a young lady "Theresa Rueben" came by and approached me a few days ago, with the request to learn more about photography. My focus for my business is more and more to go deeper in the production of filming. And so we already realize at the...

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01 Sep My Son

It´s always a profound joy to make people happy, with the help of their children. These in their happy moments to photograph and to experience how father and mother are the smile of her child even back as a children. It´s a moment of joy, which I would only be too pleased to support with my pictures. ...

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29 Apr Spirit of Health – Jim Humble

For the first time a conference for alternative medicine and healing processes took place in Germany. - Spirit of Health 2014 -  The highlight was of course Jim Humble. A man who has experienced a lot and will probably not always well understood. I should get to know a man, who is solely the healing of the people in his mind. Often...

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02 Nov Emotional Fine Art

Many times it´s happened to me that I get a request to shoot without not much time or great opportunities to prepare myself. Then there is always an act to pull out the best out of those images and situation. Thank you Diana and see you soon for a real shoot. ...

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